Family Points


What are Family Points?

In FCS, students and volunteers are placed into families as a way to promote interaction among the different groups. Each Saturday, families compete in a series of games and the winners of the family competition will be announced during FCS Graduation.


How to Earn Family Points

  • Family Competitions

    • Students can participate in games during the session to earn points and learn about traditional Filipino pastimes!

  • Fundraisers

    • Bring back receipts and earn points through various fundraisers throughout the program!


Current Standings (Summer 2019)

  1. Lechon Kawaii - 235

  2. Mamonsters - 205

  3. Halo Ha’Woah - 190

  4. Jollibae - 180

  5. Kutimansi - 120

*** updated: 7/13/2019